• What is Design Strategy?

    Not Just a String of Words - But a Meaningful Approach to Problem Solving.

    You've identified a target market, and you think you have a fairly good idea of what your customers want from your product or service. But what do you do first?


    Design Strategy takes the guesswork out of product-market fit by:

    • identifying your customers' specific needs and behaviors 
    • prioritizing your design, build, and marketing efforts
    • creating discreet, measurable metrics that will tell you how well you're doing.
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    We Help Shed Light Onto Your Path

    Design Strategy is a way of approaching customers (or users, or patients, or employees) and their needs, beginning with a simple question.


    • Why do people behave the way they do?
    • Why do people make certain choices?
    • Why does one product succeed, while others fail?

    We work with our clients to shed light on these questions using virtual and in-person workshops, Roadmapping, Ideation Sessions, Design Sprints, Ethnographic and Remote observation and a variety of other tools and techniques.

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    We help organizations of all sizes - small 2-person startups and huge Fortune 50 businesses-- to think outside the operational weeds. We focus the conversation on the humans we're designing for and what we're going to do for them.


    Together, we create a storyboard for where we're going and how, along with a specific action plan that's tied to well-defined, measurable goals that make sense for your ecosystem.

    We teach you to fish.

    Along the way, we teach our clients and their teams new skills. Because Design Strategy isn't just a service, it's a way of understanding the world of humans and their drives and behaviors. While we provide our clients with deep customer insight, strategic guidance, and research-driven designs, we also implant those same skills into the teams with whom we work.


    As the language around Design continues to evolve, we find that outcomes are more important than titles. Skills are more important than roles, and building teams is more important than taking credit.

    So, What Do We Actually Do?


    When you work with WBB, we might:

    • Help you figure out whether or not to build a certain feature into a product release. 
    • Spend more time and money on attracting new customers, vs. retaining existing ones
    • Redesign a set of screens that let your customers compare your products side by side (and buy them) 
    • Show your team how to work with design sprints
    • Teach you how incorporate customer research into your Agile development cycle.
    • Lead your team in development of a product
    • Build a step-by-step Roadmap that you can follow to create & launch a new product.
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    Product development design "flares" show how the scope and range of your design activities expand and focus throughout the development process.

    Design Strategy means: helping our clients to organize how they create value for users. We focus on solving well-defined, tightly-scoped challenges faced by real people-- both customers and internal teams.


    As a result our clients optimize their development budgets, realize meaningful impact to their businesses, and engage with their stakeholders in a truly impactful way.



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