• Your Vision is Clear

    But knowing where to go first isn't easy.

  • We Help You Align Your Goals and Actions

    A Project Roadmap is more than a plan - it's a guide to why you do what you do

    To drive Philadelphia to San Francisco, you need to go west. But first you have to pull out of your driveway. And then what?


    If a business plan lays out your goals and what you expect to achieve, a Roadmap is a prioritized step-by-step plan to making that a reality. Moreover, we'll help you identify what you need to commit - in terms of time, money and talent- for each of those steps. When we're done, you'll have a plan that you can begin acting on immediately with our help, on your own, or with another team you might choose.

    So, It's Like an Estimate?

    If you've worked with Agencies or other business or creative consultants in the past, you've likely asked them for an Estimate for their work.


    Here's why that's a bad idea: Estimates are cookie-cutter affairs. The agency takes a quick look at your RFP, and pieces together a rough timeline and cost based on:

    • How similar your project is to what they've done before
    • How much they want to charge per hour/feature/service
    • Marked up by what they think you can afford
    Some agencies respond to 100s of RFPs a week, and there's not a lot of fine-tuning done to create the estimate. The thinking goes, "if the client signs, we can always tell them later why we need to charge them more."
    We think that's not a great way to start a relationship.
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    The Roadmapping Process Delivers Value Immediately

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    We think it's a much better idea to start with something that delivers value to you right away. To accomplish that, we sit down with our clients and begin to answer some very simple, but critical questions:


    • In terms of behaviors and attitudes, who's your audience?
    • What are one or two things that, today they can't accomplish?
    • What would be different in their lives if those barriers didn't exist?


    From those very first answers we can work with you to create proto-personas; customer archetypes around which further research, exploration, and concept ideation can be crafted.


    Moreover, we outline specific steps you and your team can take to start defining and producing products and services that solve real customers' real problems.


    It starts with a conversation.

    What Does a Roadmap Really Look Like

    One of our founders, Ben Levin, developed a product 4 years ago called fatCoffee® - a ready-to-mix butter coffee beverage that's hugely popular (now) with people on Keto, Primal, Paleo and Whole30 diets.


    Despite the niche aspect of this target market competition for "share of stomach" is fierce, and fatCoffee® needed a precise, well-reasoned and accurate roadmap for reaching the best potential customers first.


    Enter The Roadmap. Feel free to peruse, borrow or try to make and sell a better butter coffee - we don't mind the competition.

    Ready to Work With Us?

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    In less than a week, you'll have your own Roadmap in hand and ready to execute. Provide your name and email, and we'll get you started right away.

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