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    We help businesses discover their best opportunities through qualitative and quantitative research.

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    WBB is a research and design strategy partnership.

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    ecopsychosocial design

    Brie used to run social services in a psychiatric hospital, where she created person-centered care journeys that engaged patients in the design of their own treatment plans. She got a taste for the scale of the impact of that approach when the process was adopted by the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health. In 2015, Brie left clinical practice to design products and strategies that help people live and do better. She regularly translates between and among industry-specific jargon.

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    agitational strategy

    Since 1998, Ben's work with Fortune 100 companies, multi-national agencies, and entrepreneurs has focused on developing human-centered experiences. Combining qualitative and quantitative research techniques, Ben helps teams weave stories from data, and distill meaning from anecdotes. In 2011 Ben struck out on his own to focus on delivering deep insight and enhancing client teams' abilities to create beautiful experiences. See and hear more @BenJLevin, @TheNinjaGoat and BenLevin.com

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