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    Brie Wildau

    Person-in-Environment Approach (PiE)

    Design by any other name...

    I was doing design before it was part of my job description. As a clinical social worker, I ran cross-functional teams in a psychiatric hospital during the transition to patient-centered care. Psychiatric care was not user-friendly for patients or caregivers, and the ecosystem was complex. Treatment delivery had to be completely redesigned.


    Treatment was a product, and unique in that it is both B2B and B2C. We had to revamp the way we engaged with patients and families, the way we used physical space, the way we documented in medical records, and the way we partnered with payors and other agencies to deliver care.


    After implementing the new service designs with thousands of patients, doctors, nurses, and social workers, I was recruited to Comcast to help concept new business in the healthcare space. Lo and behold, the work of designing for humans-- their drives, needs and behaviors, and the the myriad ways they come up with to navigate the world-- applies to all sorts of products and services.


    So, I decided to scale my practice and work on designing better ways for people to live and work in verticals involving humans-- healthcare, media, fintech, automotive, for example-- from startups to Fortune 50 companies.


    While Ben and I deliver tangible artifacts, we also grow teams' capabilities. We act as researchers, strategists, and product managers-in-residence, helping our clients accelerate their digital maturity and grow a design-driven mindset. We help siloed teams work together to create multi-channel customer experiences that are humane, effective, and satisfying.


    On the side I train in psychoanalysis, take pictures, and tend a moss garden.


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    Ben Levin

    Agitational Strategy

    Since 1997, I've been living and working in digital design, strategy and UX. I built the first web usability lab on the East Coast, and introduced User-Centered design to a small web development agency that would soon deliver UX Strategy to some of the largest companies in the world.


    I continued in that environment for another 15 years, building one of the largest UX agency practices in the U.S., delivering on hundreds of projects and running research studies with over 2,500 participants. I've designed digital experience for Fortune 100 clients in financial services, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, grocery and more. I've looked after two kids, three dogs, two cats, two pet rats, and countless succulents.


    Today, I work one on one with clients to turn their complex customer challenges into beautiful, multi-touchpoint, delightful digital experiences. And I help to design and implement comprehensive metrics and performance analytics that let executives and other stakeholders understand the business value in their digital channels.


    In my spare time, I created fatCoffee®. Try it, it's delicious.


    You can find me at Twitter/@BenJLevin, on Instagram@TheNinjaGoat and online at BenLevin.com

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